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Sat Feb 9 21:04:00 UTC 2008

Mathias Gug <mathiaz at> writes:
>Just to make things complete, were you using the ubuntu-server image ?

>By "normal", do you refer to the -server flavour ? There is also a
>-generic flavour, used by the desktop cds.

Yes, the server flavour:

Linux anna 2.6.24-7-server #1 SMP Thu Feb 7 02:04:47 UTC 2008 i686 GNU/Linux

>The vmware tools are available under the open-vm-tools package, which is
>in universe.

Nice, i'll try and get them running next.
>You may also wanna try JeOS [1], which a stripped down version Ubuntu
>targeted for virtual guests.

Whats the difference between JeOS and the server image? Can I run everything
that server runs in JeOS? Isn't JeOS more suitable if your developing virtual
appliances? Im just trying to run the server image in VMware ESX.

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