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Fri Feb 8 18:47:12 UTC 2008

Hi All,

In talks with Mathiaz and others we were discussing better integration
within the
ubuntu community, to raise the prominence/awareness of the team as well as
the involvement of new members and the community at large.

One of the topics raised was the official ubuntu forums, there were two
which were discussed.

1. A forum sticky page that gave general information about the Ubuntu Server
Team in the "Servers & Security" forum.

2. Splitting the forum and moving its location.  Currently the "Servers &
is listed as a "Other Community Discussions".  The split would make a
"Server Environments" forum, listed in the "Main Support Categories" and
remaining in the "Other Community Discussions".

The forum council has agreed to give us a sticky post in the "Servers &
forum as it exists now and are discussing the forum split, I will update the
at the next meeting regarding that.

-- Below is the 2nd draft of the proposed forum sticky for information about
the server team.  The goal is to provide sufficient and relevant information

about the Ubuntu Server Team without creating another place which we have
to actively update (we have a wiki, that is what we'll use).  Therefore any
additions below should reflect generalized information.  The second goal was
to raise the awareness of the team to the community through the forum, to
attract new members and to bridge support needs back into the team, as we
are the relevant community for it.

So, please take a look at the below and offer back relevant comments and
ideas you think belong to such a post.


Welcome to the Ubuntu Server Team Community, the group comprises many
different roles
and experience levels, some speciliazed or package specific and some general
such as
overall support.

As team, we are dedicated to providing support and development for the
Ubuntu Server
Edition.  This includes bug-fixes, triaging, packaging, hardware support,
software support and configuration support for all releases.

We are a friendly group and always willing to help, both in the forums and
other mediums such as IRC (quite popular).  Below you will find information
about the help we can provide and how you can join in the fun as well.

Team Information:

Official wiki page:
Official Launchpad page:

Getting Involved:

Everyone is welcome!.  The Ubuntu Server Team is always glad to see fresh
faces of all
levels of experience, from the completely new, up to professionals, all who
use the Server
Edition.  Our goal is to provide the best production level linux to those
who need linux
servers, come be a part of the team!

You can find more information about getting involved at

Server Documentation:

Official Server Guide: (See Advanced Topics)
Community Maintained How-To's:


IRC: / #ubuntu-server
Mailing List: ubuntu-server at
List of Bugs:


The Ubuntu Server Team would like to thank everyone for there help.  A final

reminder that it is through the community we make the Server Edition better
and the more participation, the better it gets, so get involved!


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