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Here are the minutes of the meeting. They can also be found online, with
the irc logs, here:

=== Review ACTION points from previous meeting ===

ACTION: mathiaz to send an email about the mentoring program proposal to

=== Bacula package inclusion/exclusion in main ===

mathiaz clarified that the subject of this discussion was *not* to drop bacula
from the ubuntu archive, but rather if it was worth writing a MIR to get it
included into main.

zul listed three points that need to be addressed in order to increase the
chances of getting bacula into main: 
  1. there were alot of unanswered bug reports from debian
  2. there were a couple of security updates that never got addressed 
     by the debian maintainer until recently.
  3. the number of depends it has in universe

mathiaz suggested that it may worth investing time to maintain bacula as it's a
valuable backup solution for SMBs. The Debian maintainer is opened to
cooperating with Ubuntu.

Point 2 refers to the fact that the default installation of bacula uses clear
text password visible on the command line. It was noted that bacula supports
other way to pass database credentials. This is a packaging issue that could be
fixed by using a .my.cnf file for the bacula user by default.

zul listed the six build dependencies that are in universe. 2 are needed to
build the bacula GUI. Some packaging work is needed to not build the GUI in the
bacula package. The other problematic dependency is dbconfig, which should be
dropped if bacula goes into main.

As a conclusion, it seems that there is some packaging work needed on bacula to
get it ready for inclusion into main. Upstream developers were present during
the meeting and showed interest in cooperating with Ubuntu.

ACTION: ivoks to look into bacula packaging issue to get it into good shape for

=== Ubuntu Developer Week ===

mathiaz mentioned that daniel holbach is preparing the Ubuntu Developer Week
[1] and asked if the Server Team wanted to hold a session during the event.

soren already volunteered to talk about virtualization. He is in the process of
defining what should be the content. Ideas and suggestions are welcomed.

mathiaz asked about running a session giving an overview of the Server Team in
order to attract new contributors. ivoks suggested to present how development
is done, where help is needed, what are we good at, and a list of things we
wanted to do, but weren't able to accomplish due to lack of manpower. nxvl
added that it would be a good moment to announce the mentoring program if it's
operational by then.


ACTION: mathiaz will schedule a general session about ubuntu-server during the
Ubuntu Developer week.

=== SNI support in Apache ===

mathiaz reported that enabling sni in apache requires a rebuilt of openssl,
which is unlikely to happen so close to FeatureFreeze. Thus this task has been
deferred to Hardy+1.

=== SASL integration ===

ivoks and lamont agreed that the way to implement SASL support is via a
postinst script in the Mail Server task in tasksel.

ACTION: : ivoks to update the tasksel patch for SASL support.

ScottK is also hoping to get amavisd-new in main before FeatureFreeze and then
update the Mail Server task to also install amvisd-new.

=== cleaning db4.{2,3,4,5} from the archive ===

ScottK stated that db4.2 is unlikely to get dropped from the archive in Hardy
as it's still needed by openldap2.4. db{3,4,5} require less work and seem
doable for Hardy. This work can be done after FeatureFreeze.

ACTION: ScottK to update the Roadmap to list db4.3, 4.4 and 4.5 as targets for
archive removal.

=== Virtualization in Hardy ===

soren reported that he's worked out the last bits needed to have a
feature-complete virtualization solution for Hardy (namely dnsmasq and netcat
for qemu+ssh support).

mathiaz asked for more widespread testing of the virtualization stack. nijaba
added that testing on VMWare ESX was also needed. thaalton said he could
scheduled some tests of hardy on his VMWare ESX platform.

ACTION: tjaalton to test hardy on vmware ESX.

=== Windows integration ===

dendrobates has been packaging likewise-open and the result is available in his
PPA [2]. mathiaz and zul started to review the package in order to get it
included in universe, which should happen before FeatureFreeze.


=== RAID1-LVM installation ===

ivoks mentioned that supporting raid1-lvm in the installer requires some work:
getting partman-auto-raid into main and writing a recipe for it.

ACTION: ivoks to update the Roadmap wrt the RAID1-LVM installation.

=== State of UFW  ===

jdstrand announced that he added ipv6 support to ufw and thus ufw is feature
complete for Hardy.

=== DRBD in main ===

zul said that drbd has been included in linux-ubuntu-modules. ivoks will write
the MIR for drbd-utils to get it moved into main.

=== Agree on next meeting date and time ===

Next meeting will be on Wednesday, February 13th at 21:00 UTC in

Mathias Gug
Ubuntu Developer

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