likewise-open in universe?

Fabrizio Balliano fabrizio.balliano at
Thu Feb 7 09:13:10 UTC 2008

> i don't want to pressure the dev team, but I have an empty win2k3 domain
> running at home that is available for testing this product

I'm starting a linux-switch project for a big company (it means it
could take hundreds of workstations) and I really need AD integration
working with hardy.

I don't want to seem polemica but but I sadly have to say that if
hardy won't have this integration I'll have to deploy all the
workstation with opensuse which does the job quite well since some
releases. I also won't be able to use uck (i'm one on the developers),
that would benefit a lot from this project cause I probably to develop
more uck modules (that will be released in next uck releases) to
complete the deployment.

my best regards to all the team

Fabrizio Balliano
CreaLabs (Ubuntu affiliate)
Ubuntu Customization Kit (

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