docs for dapper upgrade?

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at
Mon Feb 4 17:41:17 UTC 2008

On Monday 04 February 2008 11:43, Mathias Gug wrote:

> I'd mention that although dist-upgrade is available, it shouldn't be
> used. We've seen some request on #ubuntu-server about fixing a
> dist-upgrade failure. The basic answer is to use do-release-upgrade
> instead of dist-upgrade.

JFTR, I did Dapper -> Edgy -> Feisty -> Gutsy over the weekend on a Kubuntu 
box using dist-upgrade.  Dapper --> Edgy took some manual installing of 
packages to get through and Edgy --> Feisty and Feisty --> Gutsy just worked.

I'd suggest that while dist-upgrade isn't the official way, it generally works 
and to the extent it doesn't it's because of packaging problems we ought to 
investigate and try to fix.

do-release-upgrade automates updating sources.list and works through a bunch 
of special cases AFAICT.  I'd suggest that making dist-upgrade work is a good 
goal for improving the quality of our packaging.  We probably won't get 
there, but to the extent we get closer it makes do-release-upgrade's job 
easier and lower risk.

Scott K

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