TRAC and PERL problems after upgrading from Hardy to Intrepid

L.M.J linuxmasterjedi at
Tue Dec 30 13:40:38 UTC 2008


  I've just upgraded from Hardy 64 to Intrepid 64 and some of my
applications are not working anymore. First one :
 TRAC : "script not found or unable to stat: /usr/share/trac/cgi-bin"  
        trac.cgi doesn't not exist anymore on the system! I used to make my
Apache configuration like this:

        ScriptAlias /trac /usr/share/trac/cgi-bin/trac.cgi
        <Location "/trac">
            SetEnv TRAC_ENV "/home/trac"


 PERL : Can't locate Sys/  Where I could find it?

 DEVMON : Can't locate and
          Constant subroutine dm_config::SEEK_SET redefined at
/home/users/hobbit/application/server/ext/devmon/modules/ line

  Any ideas around to help on those issues?

   Thanks by advance!

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