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Kat Kinnie kat.kinnie at
Wed Aug 27 15:12:44 UTC 2008

Hi all,

Hope you are well.

At the moment we are planning for VMWorld which we will be attending 
15th - 18th Sep.

We are thinking of producing a virtualization sticker to hand out at the 
event from our booth and wondered whether you guys had any ideas for a 
cool slogan or sticker design?

Ideally it just needs to link Ubuntu and Virtualization in a 
fun/cool/interesting way and ideally incorporate the Ubuntu logo, 
leaving it untouched/adhering to the logo guidelines.

If we're going to produce this in time, we need to turn the design and 
printing around quite quickly. Therefore could you let me know if you 
have any ideas by the end of the day on Monday 1st September.

There will be Ubuntu goodies up for grabs for the best idea.



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