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Wed Aug 6 13:42:42 UTC 2008

Hello Everyone,
First I would like to say that I am very happy with Ubuntu Server.  At my
current company I was able to get everything moved over to Ubuntu server and
we have been using ubuntu-server in production since EDGY!

Now onto the puzzle,

Since edgy there has been some question about preseeding raid installs that
use MD instead of LVM.  I do apologize if this is an old cut on the finger
of the list, but my intention is merely to gather some facts, not to pour
lemon juice on it.

My question, of course, is:
Is partman-auto-raid planned to be implemented?

I have downloaded the alternate-server cd as well as the reg server cd and
there is no partman-auto-raid package on either of them.  I did find a
reference here:

That seems to indicate that the package should be there?  If I am misreading
this I am sorry.

I also searched your mail archives and found 4 references to
partman-auto-raid, but I didn't see any action on the mentions.  This is a
package I really need, the small company I started at is now approaching 200
servers and we keep adding more,  I don't have the time to manually
partition the drives anymore, please help!

is there a way I can copy the package into the pool/p/partman-auto-raid and
rebuild the Release files to get this to load when the installer starts?  I
am really willing to help any way I can because I think that adds value to
ubuntu-server in a large way,  before I started using ubuntu I used
kickstart on RedHat ES, and I think kickstart is the only reason I would
consider using Redhat.

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