Ubuntu Server 7.10 Beta is looking for testers

Ante Karamatić ivoks at grad.hr
Sat Sep 29 09:12:35 UTC 2007

Mathias Gug wrote:

> But still we need your help to get all these brand new components
> tested. If you have access to some server type hardware or have the
> opportunity to duplicate a production environment into a test
> configuration, we'd love to hear if the next version of Ubuntu Server
> would break your existing setup. Other areas of focus are proper upgrade
> from Feisty Server and the new installation tasks (Print Server,
> Database Server, Mail Server and Samba Server). It doesn't take so much
> time and is an easy and simple way to help improve the quality of the
> next version of Ubuntu Server, the Gutsy Gibbon !

I've tested upgrade from feisty to gutsy on a a bit complicated setup 
trough virtualized-copy-of-production server and these are results:

* Apache+PHP5+memcache - everything OK
* MySQL master-master replication - everything OK
* heartbeat + ldirectord - everything OK
* postfix - everything OK
* /etc/iftab -> udev rules - everything OK
* other (SSH, syslogd...) - all OK

Only thing left to test is kernel, but I can't reproduce hardware in 
virtualized env., so this will wait stable release.

Upgrade was done with 'do-release-upgrade -d'.

Looking good. Very good :)

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