landscape vs puppet

Steve George at
Wed Sep 26 19:01:23 UTC 2007


On Wed, 2007-09-26 at 07:43 +1000, Dave Kempe wrote:
> Hi,
> I haven't seen any mention of Landscape before the recent one on the 
> list. Can we have more information about this product vs puppet or 
> similar tools?

Landscape doesn't compete directly with puppet or the other
configuration management tools. 

When we did some analysis on where people found Linux difficult to
manage some of common requirements were:

a.  We need to be able to visualise issues before we can resolve them
b.  There's a set of common administration things our staff do that are
c.  It's hard to manage security (packages) across a range of machines

So the initial feature areas in Landscape focus on trying to help system
administrators visualise issues in their systems so they can act and
undertake common administration actions quickly/easily.

> We have been doing a fair amount of development on puppet and I would 
> regret to yet another product that does similar things in the Open 
> Source market... If only to minimise duplicated effort.

Puppet's a great tool and it's really great to see some development in
what's a very problem. So I don't think your efforts will be wasted!

Landscape is still in beta because we're still working to make the main
areas feature complete.  We won't be adding any new fundamental
functionality until after our full release.

It's worth noting that Landscape is not Open Source, it's proprietary
software as a service (SaaS).  We've made the client side open source,
and released a number of the components we developed for it as a way of
giving back to the community.

> The pictures look great - who can provide us with more info? Or can I 
> join the beta program and see for myself?
> The beta join form does not work on the website.

Apologies for that, it should be fixed shortly.

> I can see Landscape is aimed squarely at Redhat's Sattelite, which is a 
> good thing, and I am keen to find out more :)
> thanks
> dave



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