Server Team 2007-09-27 meeting minutes

Mathias Gug mathiaz at
Tue Sep 25 19:17:10 UTC 2007


Here are the minutes of the meeting. They can also be found online, with
the irc logs, here:

=== Present and discuss ServerTeam/HardyIdeaPool page ===

dendrobates announced the creation of the ServerTeam/HardyIdeaPool wiki page as a way to keep track of suggestions for HardyHeron in the server area. Everybody is welcomed to add short ideas to this page.

The ideas will be used to plan discussions during the next Ubuntu Developer Summit.

ACTION: dendrobates will send an email to ubuntu-server to ask more input from users and advertise the HardyIdeaPool page.

=== Review of previous meeting action items ===

mathiaz said that TeamReporting has been setup with the help of dantalizing and that the ServerTeam has a section in the monthly report.

soren gave a quick update about the new tasksel tasks: print-server, samba-server, postgresql-server and mail-server were added to the ubuntu-server cd. dendrobates mentioned that testcases need to be written to cover these new tasks and added to the iso tracker.

soren gave an update about the official MTA in Ubuntu. It was agreed that settling on a default mta is a good idea and also that it should be postfix. We probably won't change packages to *only* change that, but if we're changing a package (and hence carrying a delta to Debian) we'll do it. Also, we'll try to convince Debian to do the same. Technically, it'll be done by adding a meta package called something like default-mail-transport-agent, which will be prepended each time something depends on m-t-a. default-mail-transport-agent will then in Ubuntu depend on postfix. Debian might choose exim4. 

ACTION: soren will send an email on debian-devel about the change.

=== Roadmap review ===

==== Triagger corner ====

mathiaz went through samba bugs. He also mentioned that the automatic expiring feature in LP highlighted the fact that we still haven't gone through all bugs in packages and that further work is needed in triagging bugs related to ubuntu-server.

===== Tester corner ====

A beta version of ubuntu-server will be released this coming Thursday. Testing of pre-beta isos started.

ACTION: mathiaz will send an email to ubuntu-server to ask about iso testers.

==== Documentor corner ====

sommer and pschulz01 did some great work in reviewing the server guide. They have a list of improvements, however it's too late for Gusty since there is a Freeze for documentation. mathiaz suggested to add a section in HardyIdeaPool about documentation.

mathiaz also clarified that the community documentation in not frozen and wiki pages under can still be edited and improved for Gutsy.

==== Developer corner ====

mathiaz gave an update about AppArmor. The new kernel module has been uploaded and he is happy about the state of apparmor. keescook is also satisfied with the state of AppArmor in Gutsy.

dendrobates announced that libpam-ldap and libnss-ldap have been accepted into main and are in the seed. As a result ldap-client-config and auth-client-config are in Gutsy and ldap authentication is officially supported.

=== AOB ===

mathiaz brought up the subject of having more frequent ubuntu server team meeting. No decision has been taken.

ACTION: nijaba will send an email to ubuntu-server about this issue.

=== Next meeting ===

The next Ubuntu Server Team meeting will be on Tuesday, October the 9th, at 15:00 UTC in #ubuntu-meeting.


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