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Malcolm Yates mdy at
Tue Sep 18 17:18:13 UTC 2007

On Tuesday 18 September 2007 17:55:07 Sander van Vugt wrote:
> Hi,
Hi Sander

> I'm doing some research on Ubuntu Server as a potential platform for
> virtualization. It doesn't seem that 7.04 supports Xen very well, the press
> release for 7.04 talks about features that allow for optimizes support
> under VMware.

We installed the paravirt ops patches for VMware in 7.04 but he Xen patches 
were not included. Hence if you use VMware, performance is rather good

> That's not what I need, I need a server that can be used as a 
> virtualization platform like the combination Red Hat/SUSE - Xen.
We are working with several virtualisation technologies, including SWsoft, 
Xen, Virtual Box and Parallels. Expect some more announcements about these.

> So my questions:
> -                      Is Xen in Ubuntu considered to be mature? It appears
> to me as a very limited Xen stack. If it is not mature yet, is it going to
> be mature soon?
It should be supported in 7.10

> -                      If Xen is not the way to go for Ubuntu Server as a
> virtualization solution, is there anything else that can be used in Ubuntu
> Server to use it as the platform to create virtual machines on?
Are you after Ubuntu as guest or a host or both ?

There are the above solutions if you are looking for ease of use. Depends on 
quite what your requirements are.

Not quite the right answer, but if you have specific reqs, let us know.

> Thanks  advance,
> Sander van Vugt

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