Ubuntu is fucking nothing coz it lacks that services in its installer CD

WaVeR debian at hispeed.ch
Wed Oct 24 06:35:58 UTC 2007


I'm sorry but for me, some distributions don't force you to create
another user then root. And for a server it's really critical to have
only root as user and to do simple task with your root account. You can
set your root password after each installation easily .

After installation:
- Login with your user.
- sudo su (enter the password)
- passwd

Like this you have first your root password and if needed from time to
time  you can use it.


Le mardi 23 octobre 2007 à 22:17 -0500, Keller, Damon A SPC MIL USA
FORSCOM a écrit :
> That's one of the resions why I play with other distros more these
> days.  
> Ubuntu never asks you to set a root when you install.  And as you can
> see, 
> you need root from time to time.

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