Secure FTP (sftp)

Andreas Olsson andreas+ubuntu-server at
Mon Oct 22 22:02:07 UTC 2007

On Monday 22 October 2007 23:46:34 Bill Asher wrote:
> Anyone have a good HOWTO link for setting up a chrooted sftp server.  I
> need to do this for some outside vendors to dump files to our office.
> But I really don't want to setup a full blown ftp server like vsftpd or
> proftpd as all the functionality of these are not needed.  I'd like to
> use SSH but I need it chrooted, maybe authentication keys too?

Have you looked at rssh or scponly? 

I've used rssh myself and kind of liked it. No experience with scponly 
thought, but it's one of the solutions often recommended.

You'll find both of them in the repository.

Andreas Olsson
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