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Thu Oct 11 20:16:52 UTC 2007

On 11/10/2007, Loye Young <loye.young at> wrote:
> That said, working with a groupware project that already has a proven Outlook
> connector (even if the connector is still proprietary) would be prudent. As
> OpenConnector develops, we could gradually test and contribute to it, elevate
> its visibility, and eventually make it the reference connector.

So what are you actually suggesting here?  Kolab with Toltec?  Kolab
has an unorthodox installation procedure and would probably be a pain
to package:

Scalix has a connector but the use of the connector will require a per
user license.  There are also no ubuntu packages:

> BTW, another consideration would be that the eventual "winner" of the
> groupware beauty pagent must integrate well with the OpenLDAP tools that are
> being enhanced and developed concurrently within the Ubuntu Server Team. We
> don't want to create yet another authentication database silo.

Scalix does OpenLDAP as does Kolab.

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