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Thu Oct 11 17:00:27 UTC 2007

On 11/10/2007, Dave Kempe <dave at> wrote:
> * Lightning is under heavy development now and will be even nicer by
> Hardy release time

That's good to know, I've tried Lightning 0.5 recently with Inverse's
Lightning Enhancer extension[1] and it's promising but left me
unsatisfied so I've been trying Chandler which is usable but
has its own issues.

> I have tried other shared calendaring solutions on Linux servers with
> windows clients. None worked anywhere near as well as this combination,
> and the most sophisticated (Zimbra, Scalix, etc) a really Outlook
> servers... not interested :) You see the big picture here is that people
> need to stop using Windows on the desktop... and freeing them of Outlook
> is an important first step, as a whole swathe of users are tied to it.

Hmm, have you looked at Scalable OGo[2]?  Inverse have put a lot of
work into it and have also worked on the Thunderbird client support
for it [1] and [3]


I'm going to be evaluating this as an option for an SME client in the
near future.

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