REVIEW: Quick Assessment of Canonical's Landscape Management tool for Ubuntu Infrastructures

Tom Bamford tom at
Wed Oct 10 21:59:42 UTC 2007

Kristian Erik Hermansen wrote:
 > So, what's nice about Landscape is that it allows and admin access to
 > all the machines in the group.  You can queue up tasks, and they will
 > run on the hosts you assign.  You have the power.  You can even kill
 > processes remotely.  For instance, just to test it out, I ran
 > gnome-calculator, then went to the web interface, and queued it to end
 > the process.  A few moments later, and my client received the request
 > and the process died.  Very cool.
 > Additionally, the client sends out info about the hardware.  So, if
 > you need to keep track of inventory, this would be a very useful
 > feature.  I mean, who wants to go around and physically gather serial
 > numbers anyways, right?!?!

On the topic of support by Canonical, do you know if the prices listed 
on their website ( are per 
host, per LAN, per company etc? Unfortunately this important info seems 
to have been omitted.


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