Server Team 2007-10-09 meeting minutes

Mathias Gug mathiaz at
Tue Oct 9 17:51:37 UTC 2007


Here are the minutes of the meeting. They can also be found online, with
the irc logs, here:

== Review previous meeting ACTION points ==

soren hasn't sent an email to debian-devel to discuss the MTA change.
This is Hardy material anyway.

== HardyIdeaPool page ==

dendrobates sent an email to advertise the HardyIdeaPool. The response
has been good. As of now, ideas shouldn't be added to the wiki page
anymore. Specification are currently created in LP and the schedule for
UDS Boston is being finalized.

Ideas should be sent directly to rick clark to get them included in the
UDS discussions (rick.clark at

ACTION: mathiaz will update the HardyIdeaPage to reflect that.

== RC iso testing ==

mathiaz reminded that the Release Candidate of Gutsy is scheduled for
Thursday. ubuntu-server isos are being prepared and need more testing.
Hobbsee asked how and who should be contacted to test ubuntu-server
isos. mathiaz said that the best way is through the iso tracker.

Anyone wanting to help with iso testing should register with the iso
testing tracker at and subscribe to the
Ubuntu Server testcases. Everytime a new build is available, tester will
be notified.

== Use of backport for samba ==

mathiaz raised the issue of using dapper-backports to provide the latest
version of samba. Every now and then, bugs are filed in launchpad that
ask to upgrade samba (or other packages such as mysql) to the latest
version available. In the case of samba, the main issue is that dapper
version doesn't support vista clients. A long discussion followed about
backporting, the use of the -update pocket and the fact dapper-backport
is not supported. No consensus was reached.

It boils down to which version of samba should be pushed in -updates.
This issue will discussed during BarCamp in Boston as upstream samba
developers will be there.

mathiaz also reported that he started to package samba 3.0.26 for dapper
and may push it in dapper-backports.

== Next meeting ==

The fridge is not up-to-date.

ACTION: mathiaz will send an email to fridge-devel to fix the calendar.

nijaba raised the question of having a meeting next week. It seems that
this is not needed.

The next meeting will be hold on Tuesday, October the 23th, at 15:00 UTC
in #ubuntu-meeting.


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