Dell PowerEdge 1900sc freezing overnight

Tom Bamford tom at
Wed Oct 3 23:45:38 UTC 2007


I'm having problems with a Dell Poweredge 1900sc server recently 
converted to Ubuntu server 6.06 from Win2k. Although the system is 
performing beyond expectations as a web/mail/file server, twice now it 
has simply frozen overnight.

Looking at the system/kernel logs hasn't revealed anything, there is 
nothing out of the ordinary at around or just before the crash time, and 
nothing else recorded in the logs until the machine is rebooted the next 
morning. Symptoms of the crash are that the local monitor goes blank, 
keyboard and mouse appear to be dead, no network services are working 
(Apache, Samba, Openssh etc). The system does however answer to ping 
requests. The only solution seems to be a hard reset.

Where else can I look other than the logs in /var/log to try and find 
out what is causing this?


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