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Thu Nov 22 10:32:49 UTC 2007

Hi David, Hi all,

Le mercredi 21 novembre 2007 à 17:05 -0600, David Portwood a écrit :
>  just setup a hardy vm instance, so I'm about to go through the entire
> procedure and detail it out for the wiki.

David has added informations on the wiki page:

I have a few remarks and as we are close to the deadline, I would like
the widest feedback.

* I think that the first thing we HAVE to avoid is people using gem (gem
is the internal ruby package manager). David is talking a lot of gem in
this spec, we can not afford people to use gem if we want to offer them
support. That should figure in the rationate IMHO.
* It looks like people are now using a lot Mongrel for rails deployment.
The biggest problem with Mongrel is that a mongrel instance is needed
for each rails application. This means we have to make a lot of
* I have looked on several wiki pages for what is written on RoR
applications deployment, looks like fcgid can still do the work (I
personally use fcgid on my rails deploys). Here is the tuto on h.u.c:
* I would not personally take care of postgresql, 99,9% of people who
use RoR use MySQL.

Maybe this is not the best on the performance point of view, but it
could be a workable solution without too much efforts.

One thing we have to be aware, is that RoR is evoluding very fast.
People often want the latest and greatest release. I'm not sure how (and
if) we can handle this in a LTS release (I would personally use the
latest Ubuntu for that purpose, not the LTS). We will face to people who
will want the latest rails version on LTS (even if it breaks old
applications). We already have a similar discussion with Samba on a
previous meeting, but we did not found a consensus.

Mathias, which parts of the specs have to be complete for the spec to be

Any thoughts?



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