Server issues

Jonathan Jesse jjesse at
Thu Nov 22 04:11:01 UTC 2007

On Wednesday 21 November 2007 13:47:13 David L. Willson wrote:
> I'll bet Soren is rather more in touch with the corporate direction for
> Ubuntu Server than either of us.  Let's speak only on our own part.
> Here's my opinion:  I'll be sad to see "Ubuntu Server" become jeOS.  I
> liked the fact that Ubuntu had both poles, the best (most featureful)
> Linux Desktop, and the best (smallest group of core components) Linux
> Server.  Now, jeOS will be the best Linux Server by my definition, and
> Ubuntu Server will really be Ubuntu Server for Beginners.

From the discussion at UDS-Boston JeOS was not going to replace Ubuntu Server.  
In fact the server team has a lot of cool things on its plate.  In fact as 
far as I can tell jeOS or however it is correctly spelled is nothing more 
then a version of Ubuntu to help you setup and run Virtual Machines with a 
more stripped down kernel.

Please correct me if I am wrong as well.



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