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Wed Nov 21 17:51:10 UTC 2007

On Nov 21, 2007 6:42 PM, Loye Young <loye.young at> wrote:
> > I really don't understand why you want to install desktop applications
> > on your server and refuse to disable avahi?
> [Loye banging head against desk]
> I don't know what more I can say that will enable you to see the world
> through the eyes of small business owners, who are my customers for server
> products.
> I personally know how to set up a minimalistic, command-line, server
> environment. I also know how to roll my own desktop that doesn't drag in
> avahi, so I never have to disable it. (BTW, your simplistic solution to
> "disable" avahi doesn't work over the long haul. Yes, it stops it from
> starting on the next reboot. But experience has taught me that it doesn't
> stay disabled over any reasonable number of software updates. The real
> solution is never to install it in the first place.)
If /etc/default/avahi-daemon get modified automatically, this is a bug
that must be fixed

> The small businesses who are the best candidates for Ubuntu SE find a
> desktop environment on a server to be irresistible, even required. The
> learning curve to administer a server is too steep without a GUI to assist
> the admin. Besides, why should the customer be put to the choice between (a)
> an insecure, unstable, but intuitive server OS (MS Server) and (b) a secure,
> stable, but inscrutable server OS (Ubuntu SE)? There is no reason NOT to
> give the administrator the security, stability, and standards-compliance of
> Linux with an intuitive, documented GUI in the spirit of Ubuntu.
> > MO instead of using gtk apps to setup a server, ebox
> > ( ) would be a better alternative.
> Again, you are looking at the world through the eyes of one who already
> knows.
> eBox is great if you already know how to set up a webserver using the
> command line and a text editor. But if the webserver itself gets messed up
> (e.g., the admin forgot to put "/Directory" at the end of the site
> configuration block and apache won't start), the admin is SOL.
> Instead, we need a desktop GUI to administer Apache, too. There is a project
> to port YaST to Ubuntu (, which is a step in
> the right direction. See also
> I'd prefer a gtk
> tool in order to minimize the number of dependencies, but the concept is the
> right one.

Ebox is a web gui, i can't see why a gtk ui is easier to use, almost
all appliance on the market ships with a web gui.
IMO a gtk ui, means that your server needs a keyboard/mouse/display
and that you can't easily administer it remotely without things like
vnc or nx.
With a web gui, you only need a browser, and you don't even have to
know that it's linux behind it.

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