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On Nov 20, 2007 3:52 PM, Loye Young <loye.young at> wrote:
> I can't be at the meeting today, but I have two issues that trouble me.
> I absolutely hate avahi. I don't want my machines to be advertising
> services and trying to find them, especially when I am running a
> server that's connected straight to the Internet. But getting avahi
> off a system is harder than I expected, especially since avahi doesn't
> seem to have good documentation.
> (1) Should avahi ever be on a production server that's exposed to the net?
> (2) Is there any documentation on how to get it off the system and
> still leave the system in a usable and upgradeable state?

About not starting avahi-daemon: (this is ubuntu/debian specific)
sebest at delly2:~$ cat /etc/default/avahi-daemon
# 0 = don't start, 1 = start

set it to 0 and then sudo /etc/init.d/avahi-daemon stop
Now on avahi-daemon will never start again

If you only want avahi to publish nothing, just read the manpage:
avahi-daemon.conf it is in the "SEE ALSO" of avahi-daemon

there are a lot of other well documented options to fit your needs

About documentation, i think that every avahi tools has a manpage
sebest at delly2:~$ man avahi-
avahi-autoipd         avahi-autoipd.action  avahi-daemon

On avahi website:

So what is the missing documentation in avahi?

> Every package should have a man page as a matter of course, because
> the manpage system is the standard documentation This is especially so
> in a command-line only environment. manpage-alert tells me that about
> 10% of the packages on my server, and 20% of the packages on my Ubuntu
> desktop machines, don't have man pages. Substantially all of the
> missing man pages are from packages that are maintained by the Ubuntu
> community. Debian policy requires man pages before including the
> package in the repositories. Every once in a while, some slip into the
> repos without the man pages, but mostly Debian does a good job of
> requiring this basic level of documentation.
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