Replace Switch with Firewall - Is there some auto-learnign tool for firewall requirements?

ml at ml at
Thu Nov 15 08:41:39 UTC 2007

Hello List,

right now we have a "flat"-network (one subnet): and

Those two Network segments are connected by a bridged linux box. Not 
filtering at this point. Its just a switch really.

Now we would like to keep the "flat"-network for some good reasons and 
replace the linux-bridge with a bridged firewall (physdev match).

Since i dont want to break the network with its functionality i thought 
of capturing the current traffic for some time and check out the IPs, 
Ports, etc... which are beeing used.
Like the learning mode grsecurity has.  ( i acutally find this a very 
cool idea! ;-) )

Based on the captured information i would like to create my firewall 
rule with firewallbuilder.
I know i have to check out the captured rules well to make sure i dont 
implement a hole in my firewall setup!

Is there a way or project to capture my firewall requirements? I guess i 
basically need all SYN-Flags and its DEST-Ports?
How can i get them easily out the the massive traffic each day? Do you 
need more infos?

Any ideas are welcome!

Thanks, Mario

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