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Sun Nov 4 19:55:31 UTC 2007

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Jonathan Jesse wrote:
> Good evening Doc Writers and Server Team,
> At UDS-Boston in the server meeting area we discussed the spec "Improve Ubuntu 
> Server Documentation", found at this link: 
> We had several ideas that I would like to share with the group and would like 
> feedback:
> 1.  Update the server guide for each release (specifically focus on 8.04 as it 
> is a long term release)
> 	a.  Make sure it is posted on in html and available for 
> download in PDF
> 	b.  Ship it in raw text so that it can be read on the server without a GUI

We can pack the docs like 'maint-guide' on Debian, and add it to the
default packages of debian-server so everyone has the docs on his/her
system :D

> 2.  keep full of How-To's that have been vetted by 
> someone from the Server Team
> One of things we also discussed is increasing communications between the 
> Server Team and the Documentation Team to make sure the guides on both 
> and the ServerGuide are both accurate and up to 
> date.
> I've copied the server team so they can add to the discussion as well and also 
> if there is someone from the Server Team who is willing to be a point to help 
> increase the communication between the server team and the documentation 
> team.
> Please feel to respond with comments and suggestions.
> Thanks,
> Jontahan
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