Server Documentation Roadmap

Jonathan Jesse jjesse at
Fri Nov 2 01:21:52 UTC 2007

Good evening Doc Writers and Server Team,

At UDS-Boston in the server meeting area we discussed the spec "Improve Ubuntu 
Server Documentation", found at this link:

We had several ideas that I would like to share with the group and would like 

1.  Update the server guide for each release (specifically focus on 8.04 as it 
is a long term release)
	a.  Make sure it is posted on in html and available for 
download in PDF
	b.  Ship it in raw text so that it can be read on the server without a GUI
2.  keep full of How-To's that have been vetted by 
someone from the Server Team

One of things we also discussed is increasing communications between the 
Server Team and the Documentation Team to make sure the guides on both and the ServerGuide are both accurate and up to 
I've copied the server team so they can add to the discussion as well and also 
if there is someone from the Server Team who is willing to be a point to help 
increase the communication between the server team and the documentation 

Please feel to respond with comments and suggestions.



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