Ubuntuguide.org Considered Harmful

Jim Tarvid tarvid at ls.net
Tue Jun 5 15:15:38 UTC 2007

Merely true!

I run across competing howtos all the time. The academic world
addresses the issue by "journaling". That doesn't always work either.
I use a sandbox approach and have reinstalled some things a dozen
times or more before I get it exactly right.

How do we encourage the group process of many eyes makes better documentation?

Jim Tarvid

On 6/5/07, Aaron Kincer <kincera at gmail.com> wrote:
> Kristian,
> I'm with you that not all the information there is "good" and can break
> your system. Heck, I've seen some instructions there that were just
> plain wrong without even having to try them out. However, in my opinion,
> the layout of the UG is much better and easier to find information
> quickly than the official wiki site you linked to. Until this is
> addressed, I'm afraid there are some that will not go there first (maybe
> even at all). In my opinion, there should be links at the very top to a
> task oriented wiki similar to UG for each respective version. The links
> at the bottom don't lead to help and are just confusing.
> When someone wants to know how to do something very specific, trying to
> sort through the pages there is a bit cumbersome in my humble opinion.
> When I have a very specific task I want to accomplish, I'd prefer not to
> navigate through more than a couple of clicks.
> Aaron Kincer
> Kristian Hermansen wrote:
> > All,
> >
> > Be wary of Ubuntuguide.org.  When users first encountered it, they consider it
> > to be a great resource.  Everything you might need to do is in one
> > place with info how to accomplish a goal.  However, the problem is
> > that using Ubuntuguide.org may result in your system becoming broken
> > or incorrectly configured.  The guide is not always correct, and you
> > may break your system, especially when it comes to upgrade to the next
> > release of Ubuntu.  Much of this has to do with adding third party
> > sources to your APT configuration.  When you do this, your system
> > could be stable for a few months, until you decide to move to Gutsy,
> > and then you wonder why Ubuntu
> > fails to upgrade!
> >
> > Please please please use http://wiki.ubuntu.com or the other
> > help/community resources at the official Ubuntu domain ahead of any
> > other resource.  Once you realized that Ubuntuguide is harmful, make
> > every effort to support the official wiki and add items there.  Some
> > people on this list may not realize the harm that can be done if you
> > add unofficial items to your APT sources.  This is one of the major
> > issues with UG, as they are always suggesting you do this.  With
> > Ubuntu,  you normally don't need to do this, since most software is in
> > the hosted repositories.  Again, Ubuntuguide.org should be avoided at
> > all times...
> >
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