New Frontend for LDAP and Kerberos in Authtool

Mathias Gug mathiaz at
Thu Aug 30 15:15:20 UTC 2007

Hi Patrick,

On Wed, Aug 29, 2007 at 10:03:28PM -0400, Patrick Clancy wrote:
> I thought that adding interactive syntax checks and documentation for each
> entry would make authtool substantially easier to use, but it's not yet
> complete.  I'm still committed to helping the Ubuntu community, so even
> though the summer of code is over, I would like to continue working on this
> project, but I need some guidance.  My code is written in python, and I used
> glade for the GUI.  I think my code will hook into the authtool backend
> pretty easily, but I would like some feedback from the developers.

Did you try to get your code integrated in authtool ? It seems that
authtool is hosted on LP
( You could start by
branching from there and try to integrate your code in the branch.


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