recovery from "rm -rf /var/lib/dpkg/info" ?

Dan Ritter dsr at
Wed Aug 22 17:48:55 UTC 2007

On Wed, Aug 22, 2007 at 01:37:33PM -0400, Kristian Erik Hermansen wrote:
> Hey guys,
> I did something dumb.  I was playing around with some debs and hacking
> some control files, when I accidentally removed /var/lib/dpkg/info !!!
>  Now, if I even try to do 'aptitude reinstall ~i', I am greeted with
> "Writing extended state information... Error!".  dpkg --list still
> shows all the currently installed packages, but I am unable to
> reinstall.  Does anyone have a good idea on how to recover from
> this???  Ideally, I think it would be easiest to reinstall all the
> packages, since they are all from the repositories and none are
> non-standard.

Does this help?


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