Server Team 2007-08-14 meeting minutes

Mathias Gug mathiaz at
Fri Aug 17 14:57:11 UTC 2007


Here are the minutes of the Server Team meeting. They can also be found
online at

=== Community building ===

jono enquired about the status of the community. He suggested to
organise a doc day to fill out the Knowledge Base section of the Server
Team website He
clarified that this page should contain information about how-to
contribute to the team.

'''ACTION:''' organise a doc day for Friday, August 24th.

=== Review action points from last meeting ===

mathiaz hasn't sent the announcement for UWN.

'''ACTION:''' mathiaz will send a modified version of the Ubuntu Server
Team announcement to get it published in the UWN.

dendrobates and jdstrand discussed auth-client-config packaging issues.

tarvid wrote a short how-to for setting up the drupal5 package.

=== Default home page for the LAMP Install ===

dendrobates said that we need a php page example for the LAMP install.
keescook suggested to have a checklist of "OK" items.

'''ACTION:''' jdstrand will take a first stab at an example php page for
the LAMP tasksel.

=== Brainstorm new server-related ubotu factoids ===

nealmcb brought up the idea that people on #ubuntu-server should watch
for FAQs, see if ubotu has related factoids and if not, propose new
factoid text.  mathiaz suggested that a webmin entry should be updated.

'''ACTION:''' mathiaz will write a factiod about webmin.

=== Discuss new tasksel for openssh server ===

dendrobates raised the idea of adding an openssh server task to the
server install. There was some debate whether it should be a separate
task or integrated into the LAMP task. No consensus emerged.

=== Documentor ===

Update server related pages on

mathiaz suggested to have a list the wiki pages that are problematic
according to the complains in the IRC channel so that people wanting to
work on server related documentation have a starting point.

'''ACTION:''' sommer will listen for documentation complaints on
#ubuntu-server and update the documentor section of

=== Tester ===

AppArmor testing: tarvid and sommer offered some help to test AppArmor.
mathiaz will get in touch with them.

=== Next meeting ===

The next meeting will be Tuesday 2007-08-28 at 15:00 UTC in


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