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Fri Aug 10 00:27:49 UTC 2007

I used the Partman partition manager that is part of
the Ubuntu Installation Live CD. Partman is
outstanding (better than Gparted). Why it is only
available as part of the install Live CD is beyond me.

I use the Live CD as if I were going to install a new
system, then abort just after partitioning the drives.
No changes occur to my existing system (except the
partitioning, of course.)

--- Damon Andrew Keller <damon.keller at>

> First off, I would like to say thank you for the
> fast responce on this matter.  
> Sorry that I can't quote all of you, but yo know who
> you are.  :)
> Okay, before I start reading links I need this
> question answered:
> Am I able to take one of my drives, convert the
> unused space to ext3/lvm and 
> start to copy files directly to it?  Of course I'll
> use Acronis Disk Director 
> to make the convertion.
> I don't really trust GParted.  It didn't work to
> well in the past for me.
> -Damon
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