Universe/Multiverse enabled by default in ubuntu-server

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at kitterman.com
Thu Aug 9 02:51:58 UTC 2007

On Wednesday 08 August 2007 19:56, Mathias Gug wrote:
> Hello,
> The Universe and Multiverse repositories are enabled by default on a
> fresh ubuntu-server install. This change was implemented as of Feisty
> and outlined here:
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AlwaysEnableUniverseMultiverse.
> This specification is target for desktop users.

That's definitely the focus of the spec, but it doesn't just call for Ubiquity 
changes, but for D-I.  

> I was wondering if that situation also applies to the server.

In thinking through the arguments for/against, I can't think of any that apply 
to Desktops and not Servers.  While any single server may be more important 
and any single desktop at a company, the same is not necessarily true of all 
the servers and all the desktops.

Additionally, for really important servers, there is generally test hardware 
to make sure it all plays nicely before rolling it out for production, so 
it'll get tested without regard for which repository it came from.

> On one hand, a server user may be more cautious about installing
> unsupported software. One the other hand, I've read and heard of lot of
> users stating that they had to enable universe anyway to install some
> software to make their server running.

For mail server installs as soon as you want to do spam or virus filtering, 
you enable universe.  I think pretty much everyone running a mail server 
(what I'm most familiar with) is going to enable Universe.

> So do you enable the universe repository on your server installs ?


Scott K

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