auth-client-config 0.3 released

Jamie Strandboge jamie at
Mon Aug 6 17:14:41 UTC 2007

This release contains a number of bugfixes, and is recommended over
previous versions.

Future versions will not be announced here, as auth-client-config is now
in gutsy's universe (and hopefully moving to main).  Currently, it is
still at 0.2 in the archives.

0.3 Release Notes

  * added implementation/* files (ie state diagram)
  * updated man page
    - adjust auth-client-config and manpage to use config-prefix
    - added --destdir option
  * commented out 'local' profile in acc-default
  * added and tests/*.  Currently only checks finite state
    machine correctness, and checks that help and profiles didn't change
  * auth-client-config
    - read in default_profile before all others
    - warn if duplicate profiles are found
    - added '-d' option to preserve user settings on system upgrades
    - added '-a' option to apply entire profile in one go
    - require '-p' (even with '-r')
    - fixed lame sys.exit typos
    - modified reset to comply with state diagram
    - modified update to comply with state diagram
    - added some comments for algorithms
    - updated help


Once sync'd, it can also be downloaded via launchpad at:

While this release has had much more testing, I still recommend running
this as non-root against non-system files until all of the automated
tests are completed.  See the updated 'Testing' section in the README
file for how to install and run auth-client-config as non-root.

Jamie Strandboge

Email: jamie at
IRC (freenode): jdstrand
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