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Jim Tarvid tarvid at
Sat Sep 9 15:58:22 UTC 2006

I agree with David. I used to spend hours working on a partition plan
often to wind up with out of space situations at inconvenient moments.
In practice / and swap have been enough. No point in huge amounts of
swap either. Unwinding from bad memory situations can be a nightmare.

Security from the outside is best addressed first at the gateway
router. Security from the inside is best addressed by keeping all
users within reach of a baseball bat. I only allow remote virtual
users access via chrooted ftp. How many system manglers does one need?

Jim Tarvid

On 9/8/06, David Kempe <dave at> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am over having separate partitions for the sake of it. You just end up
> running out of space when you least need it.
> I would suggest you just use the raid1 drives for the system, and
> allocate the whole raid5 to /home and redirect things like /var/www to
> /home/www.
> I imagine the users are going to be users of the web application not
> system users.
> oh and btw, grsecurity doesn't work with dapper's libc very nicely.
> We have actually repatched it and are testing a very of dapper's libc
> that does work with grsec, but I doubt it will be widely available very
> soon.
> Partitioning is a very application specific choice, but I would warn
> against too fine grained partitioning.
> dave
> Alejandro Sanchez Marín wrote:
> > Hi Bill, i have a similar configuration and best practice is:
> >
> > Logical drive 0: Put here / and swap partition if you need it.
> >
> > Logical drive 1: Use LVM to split RAID5 hardware into 3 partitions and
> > put here /var, /usr and /home partitions. About partition distribution....
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