LAMP Production Server - Dell 2850

David Kempe dave at
Fri Sep 8 21:56:12 UTC 2006

I am over having separate partitions for the sake of it. You just end up 
running out of space when you least need it.
I would suggest you just use the raid1 drives for the system, and 
allocate the whole raid5 to /home and redirect things like /var/www to 
I imagine the users are going to be users of the web application not 
system users.
oh and btw, grsecurity doesn't work with dapper's libc very nicely.
We have actually repatched it and are testing a very of dapper's libc 
that does work with grsec, but I doubt it will be widely available very 

Partitioning is a very application specific choice, but I would warn 
against too fine grained partitioning.


Alejandro Sanchez Marín wrote:
> Hi Bill, i have a similar configuration and best practice is:
> Logical drive 0: Put here / and swap partition if you need it.
> Logical drive 1: Use LVM to split RAID5 hardware into 3 partitions and
> put here /var, /usr and /home partitions. About partition distribution....

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