Idea for a spec

Scot McSweeney-Roberts ubuntu-server at
Mon May 22 09:32:24 UTC 2006

Etienne Goyer wrote:

>Setting up an "Ubuntu domain" would involve running a configuration
>scripts, a wizard, on what will become the reference server (hereafter
>called the "master").  This would configure the infrastructure services
>according to the spec.  Another setup tool is to be ran on machine that
>want to make use of these infrastructure services (hereafter called the
>"clients").  Ideally, you only have to provide the name or address of
>the master server to the clients to have them auto-configured to make
>use of pre-defined infrastructure services.
Doesn't FAI provide this sort of thing? -

To be honest, I don't really understand what it is intended by the spec.
It seems to be some form of cross between a "network in a box" and a
domain controller. What problem is the spec supposed to solve?



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