what kernel package?

Achim Bohnet ach at mpe.mpg.de
Thu May 18 17:41:24 UTC 2006

On Thursday 18 May 2006 19:21, Ivan Krstic wrote:
> Carl Karsten wrote:
> > juser at tsp2:~$ uname -a
> > Linux tsp2 2.6.15-21-386 #1 PREEMPT Fri Apr 21 16:43:33 UTC 2006 i686
> That's the desktop kernel. The default installed by the u-s CD should
> have been set to the server kernel a while back. I'll see what's going
> on; you should be using linux-image-server and linux-headers-server.


I installed today from server cdrom from 15-May (not the server option
of kubuntu or ubuntu CDROM) and -server kernel was installed fine:

0]ex-sr02 ~ # dpkg -l linux-\* | grep ^i
ii  linux-image-2.6.15-22-server 2.6.15-22.34       Linux kernel image for version 2.6.15 on Ser
ii  linux-image-server           Linux kernel image on Server Equipment.
ii  linux-kernel-headers Linux Kernel Headers for development
ii  linux-server                 Complete Linux kernel on Server Equipment.
ii  linux-sound-base             1.0.10-4ubuntu4    base package for ALSA and OSS sound systems

Mhmm, I'm not sure if linux-sound-base was installed by default (would this
make sense? ;) or included by the addon pkgs I installed.

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