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Jacobo Arvelo "UNIX4ALL" unix4all at gulic.org
Thu Jun 29 21:03:31 UTC 2006

El vie, 30-06-2006 a las 02:59 +1000, Adam Conrad escribió:
> Jacobo Arvelo "UNIX4ALL" wrote:
> > 
> > ( Im trying to install on RAID0 setup trought FakeRAID VIA BIOS, FreeBSD
> > 6.1 works flawlessly with vt8251 and his raid, but I prefer Ubuntu
> > because I dont want to compile every time I have to update ports ).
> We don't support installation to FakeRAID at all.  If you're trying
> that, it won't work, and it never did in the past either.  You can do
> some hacks to set it up post-install, but you can't install directly to
> a FakeRAID array in dapper.
> If you're telling me that the vt8251 driver is completely broken, even
> when not running FakeRAID, then this is definitely a bug, you should
> file the bug on the linux-source-2.6.15 package in Malone (not complain
> to a mailing list), point at the fixed patch if you have it, and we'll
> roll it into the next kernel security update (and it will end up on the
> dapper point release ISOs when those get done).
> ... Adam


Even without FakeRAID it doesnt work, it doesnt detect the drives
attached to the controller ( configured as normal SATA in BIOS, not
RAID ), with the beta ISO of dapper server ( .20 kernel ) it works
flawlessly, the bug is filed at Malone ( really 3 ) and I stucked at .20
kernel waiting to upgrade to a working kernel.


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