vt8251 support

Jacobo Arvelo "UNIX4ALL" unix4all at gulic.org
Sun Jun 25 22:36:18 UTC 2006

El dom, 25-06-2006 a las 23:56 +0200, Ivan Krstic escribió:
> Jacobo Arvelo "UNIX4ALL" wrote:
> > Sorry, the reply field points to you, not to the list.
> It's common understanding that list discussions are to be kept
> unless when there's pressing reason to do otherwise.
> > Where I can get a beta ISO of dapper?
> A ten-second google: http://ubuntu.hugi.is/releases/6.06/
> > Great Support ...
> We provide great security support. You, however, are making an
> unreasonable request and being immature about it. The release has been
> made. All developer effort is focused on the next one, except for
> security updates. This has always been the case.

Unreasonable request ... Ok, fixing a bug introduced in the final
release is a unreasonable request and Im inmature about it, good.

Dont worry I get the beta iso and install, update all packages minus the
kernel, get the latest stable dapper kernel sources, apply the patch
( the patch is in launchpad too ) make the kernel package and install

Thanks for pointing me to the ISOs and for the support.

Best regards,

Jacobo Arvelo "UNIX4ALL"

Free/Open BSD & Mac Powered User


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