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Ivan Krstic krstic at fas.harvard.edu
Fri Jun 23 05:03:26 UTC 2006

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Subject: Re: What's the min spec for Dapper server?
From: Liam Proven <lproven at gmail.com>
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On 6/15/06, Ivan Krstic <krstic at fas.harvard.edu> wrote:
> The server kernel is i686 only. There's a non-server i386 kernel that
> you can use; if it works, you can then roll your own server kernel
> package that's built for i386.

All right. Thanks.

A couple of things:

[1] Do you not think it might have been wise to actually /mention/
this, in the setup program at the very least? This is a major change
in hardware requirements since 5.10 which works fine on the same

[2] Thanks for the tip, but it is just a tip, rather than actual
guidance. How do I actually go about changing the kernel of a
not-yet-fully installed system? Presumably I must pass some option to
the setup program, but pressing the options function key on the boot
screen merely shows me the command line that will be executed by GRUB.
I see no mention of how to change the kernel to be installed.

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