What's the min spec for Dapper server?

Liam Proven lproven at gmail.com
Wed Jun 14 23:35:33 UTC 2006

I just tried to wipe & reload my home Debian webserver box with US 6.06.

The installer can't find my NIC or SCSI adaptor, which I half-expected
- they're ISA devices. However, after that, it proceeds.

However, on first boot, post-installation, the machine starts to load
the kernel, loads the initrd, starts to boot the kernel - and the
machine cold-resets.

It's a Pentium 1, 133MHz, on a Tritoin VX motherboard. 128MB EDO RAM,
5.2GB boot disk, 300MB dedicated swap disk, CD-ROM, all on motherboard
IDE. USB2 & Firewire card fitted. 3Com 3c509 NIC, Adaptec AHA1510 SCSI

I know the hardware's fine. This machine's been rock-solid for
*years*. Before I replaced the motherboard, with this then
state-of-the-art Gigabyte GA5HX, it was an actual not-a-clone IBM

Does 6.06 make assumptions about a minimum hardware platform? Is there
a choice of kernels, e.g. one for 586-level hardware?

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