Ubuntu a poor choice for servers

David Kempe dave at solutionsfirst.com.au
Tue Jul 11 21:12:47 UTC 2006

whats there to look into?
we do it all the time. I even got it to work with hoary once you updated 
  mdadm to start at the right time.


Carl Karsten wrote:
> David Kempe wrote:
>> /boot on software raid is fine. did it today even
> On the grub todo list:http://grub.enbug.org/TodoList
> "Add support for software RAID. Add support for  LVM"
> So normal grub does not support Raid, (or they haven't taken it off the 
> list.)
> But, Ubuntu's grub is patched.  But I have never bothered to see what 
> the patch does.  Can someone look into that?
> Carl K

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