Ubuntu a poor choice for servers

Ante Karamatić ivoks at ubuntu.com
Mon Jul 10 07:29:32 UTC 2006

On Sun, 09 Jul 2006 23:28:53 -0400
David Abrahams <dave at boost-consulting.com> wrote:

> Dapper (and Breezy for that matter) installation doesn't support LVM
> well; it's almost as though it was untested.  Try to set up a system
> with LVM from any of the different installation discs, and you'll see
> what I mean.

Both Breezy and Dapper support software RAID and LVM (in any
combination of those). I've made at least 10 server installs in last
month and all of them use LVM. Some of those servers even have
partitions over 3TB. I would say that Ubuntu's LVM/RAID setup is
flawless, which isn't something I could say for Fedora.

> Even with an existing filesystem set up by the Fedora installer,
> installing in these configurations is impossible.

This is general LVM "bug". If you install Fedora on system and then get
new Fedora and let it automatically partition you disk - installation
will fail. So it will any other Linux installation. Difference is that
with Ubuntu server installation you could fix that problem, but with
Fedora you'll have to restart whole installation and then fix it.

> http://www.ubuntu.com/server makes it sound like ubuntu should be a
> solid server platform, but I can't even get started.  IMO this has to
> be remedied if Ubuntu is going to be taken seriously as anything other
> than a hobbyist/consumer platform.

In my exp. Ubuntu is years ahed Fedora as a server platform. And you can
count RHELs here too. What RedHat has, ATM, and Ubuntu doesn't is
better vendor support.

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