Ubuntu a poor choice for servers

Mike Noordermeer mike at normi.net
Mon Jul 10 06:46:54 UTC 2006

David Abrahams wrote:
> Well, sorry if the subject seems troll-ish, but I thought it would
> probably get the attention of someone who counts.  I really want to
> use Ubuntu, but as of now, I'm installing Fedora...

Fedora on a server? :')

> Dapper (and Breezy for that matter) installation doesn't support LVM
> well; it's almost as though it was untested.  Try to set up a system
> with LVM from any of the different installation discs, and you'll see
> what I mean.
> Dapper installation doesn't support LVM over software raid *at all*,
> even though it purports to.  This was certainly untested.
> Dapper installation supports LVM over FakeRaid *even less*.  

Afaik install on LVM/RAID works flawlessly, fakeraid doesn't belong on a 
server (actually it doesnt belong on any system). I wouldn't combine LVM 
with softRAID either, but well, that's just my opinion.

Mike Noordermeer
mike at normi.net

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