Greetings, and question about Ubuntu on a cluster

Björn Torkelsson torkel at
Sat Jul 8 10:45:53 UTC 2006

On tis, 2006-07-04 at 12:50 -0400, Michael R. Head wrote:
> Greetings, I'm a student at Binghamton University (SUNY), and we've just
> received a 4 node IBM cluster on which I'm planning to install Ubuntu
> 6.06 LTS.
> We're not planning to build it as a single system image, but we'd like
> to have the machines be managable as a single unit (software should only
> need to be installed with one command, minimal editing of multiple /etc
> directories should be required ...).
> What packages in dapper (main or universe) are people using to manage
> dapper on a compute cluster?

We have been using FAI[1][2] together with local tool for managing our
clusters in a way that suit our habits, for years and are in the process
of switching all our clusters (and servers) to Ubuntu. One cluster is
already running Ubuntu (Breezy though, as we upgraded it before Dapper
was released) and we are right now preparing the upgrade of another of
our clusters from Debian pre Sarge to Dapper. 



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