System deployment & unattended installation (ServerLand)

Filippo Spike Morelli fsm at
Mon Jan 16 03:41:21 UTC 2006


ServerLand should include a way to deploy new systems in an unattended 
fashion, and it would be nice if ubuntu offered a standard and supported way 
to do so.
There are quite a few solutions available, but I guess FAI[1] is the natural 
candidate. Reading from a web page[2] there is apparently some problems when 
installing ubuntu nodes:

"I made some new patches and packages to get FAI to install Ubuntu Linux in a 
nice manner that doesn't interfere with FAI itself, and needs very little 
changes to FAI, so it's easily maintainable....
This stuff is still quite beta stage, I made extensive tests, as far as one 
person with 4 computers can do, and nothing bad happened, but that's not a 
lot testing, for my taste. Strange things can happen when you use it, so do 
not use it in a production environment before test it extensively yourself."

Also, in the attempt to have as much interoperability as possible with windows 
based networks, it might have a worth to investigate/include Unattended[3], 
FAI equivalent to install Windows 2000/2003/Xp based nodes.




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