Roadmap for UbuntuServer

Jim Tarvid tarvid at
Wed Feb 22 14:40:20 UTC 2006

I am a member of one class of user whose urges have not been addressed.

I manage about 20 servers in house and as many in the field. My servers
are administered by a number of people whose sophistication varies.

I don't want the responsibility of adding new domains, virtual email
addresses, DNS, etc. to fall back on me in every case.

Therefore, the argument that a knowledgeable, experienced administrator
should handle routine actions does not sell well here.

Webmin, virtualmin and usermin do not meet the level of utility and
usability needed to hand these actions off to staff and customers

VHCS is close. It lives with debian/ubuntu packages for the most part.
Wael's script works well on a fresh Ubuntu install. ISPConfig  seems to
want recompile everything. Ebox looks good, just haven't tried it.

Many of the packages in Ubuntu do not work in a VHCS (user space
environment). Drupal is one example. Of the 1700+ CMS systems out there,
Drupal fares well, has the blessings of Sir Timothy. But if you install
it from Ubuntu, it will break things.

I still have not found a chrooted shell that gives users what they need
while maintaining security. Sophisticated users may hate you, but
virtual users can do what they need to do with PROFTPD. I have come to
the point where I do not want user shell accounts on shared servers.

I love Ubuntu. On the workstation, it reduces my support burden
enormously. There is some transferability to server environments and
half my servers have migrated. I have no doubt that the community will
address these issues but discussion here is met either with smug
arrogance or benign confusion.

It is time to abandon the two class view (guru/newbie).

Jim Tarvid

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