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Date: Feb 21, 2006 8:33 PM
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On 2/21/06, Christian Bjälevik <nafallo at magicalforest.se> wrote:
> mån 2006-02-20 klockan 23:19 +0100 skrev Sebastien Estienne:
> > I think the original authors was targetting users that don't really
> > mind about what software is installed as long as it gets the job done.
> > In the same spirit as appliances.
> > In this case the features are more important than the software.
> > So we could define use cases, with the features we want to provide and
> > make some sensible choices about the package that will provide these
> > features
> Isn't this why we have "main" and "universe"? :-)

exactly, i just wanted to say that there should be 2 kinds of ubuntu server:
- One for real sysadmins who want to choose exactly what software they
want to use. And know how to properly setup for example postfix with
courier imap and all users stored in ldap.
- And the ubuntu server for people who just want the job done, they
don't mind that you provide postfix or exim4, they just want a mail
server that works and is easy to administer and setup. These people
are the one who buy appliances.

The former (for real admin) is as far as i understand what we'll have
for dapper: ubuntu-server

But the later is something different in concept, it would be based on
ubuntu-server, but would provide the a nice default choice of
packages: one mail server, one web server, one ldap server... And all
of this configured to nicely work together.
The use case is most small and medium business that can't afford a
real admin, but needs a server that is properly integrated with the

This version of ubuntu-server could be tightly integrated with the
ubuntu-desktop using zeroconf/avahi:
- evolution would autodiscover smtp/imap
- epiphany/firefox would autodiscover proxy, webadmin
- apt would autodiscover apt-proxy
- the same for fileserver (webdav/nfs/cifs)

So you would setup the server, and all the desktop would be
autoconfigured. Everywhere you normally type an IP/PORT on the
workstation would be properly setup automatically

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Sebastien Estienne

Sebastien Estienne

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