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Filippo Spike Morelli fsm at
Sun Feb 19 15:28:29 UTC 2006


as more people got interested in the ubuntu server project I've perceived a 
sort of general confusion about server related documentation.

What we have got at the moment:
- A generic mailing list used so far for development only (btw, the ML isnt 
advertised on
- A rather lively forum
- 50 Wiki pages as available by a title search for "server"

What I'd like to see:
a) 2 mailing list, one dedicated to server platform development, one for 
server administration discussions (something like debian-isp)
b) no flame intended, but I've never liked forums to handle discussions, and 
I'd say no implementation can compete with your own MUA/News reader, 
expecially when target are system administrators that are expected to deal 
with loads of emails per day. So, linked to a), I'd open a ML and propose on 
the forum to move the discussion there. Of course the two can coexist as it 
is for [k]ubuntu-users.
c) Restructure the wiki so we get a /Server macro page under which we can add 
server related content (already existing pages should be moved there too).



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