Inconsistencies in packages

Ante Karamatic ivoks at
Wed Feb 8 19:18:57 UTC 2006

We have lots of "server-like" packages, like postfix, dovecot, 
spamassassin, amavisd-new, apache, sshd...

But it seams that we don't have one general rule in what state should 
those services be after install. So, spamassassin is disabled, postfix 
listens on all IPs (public and localhost), amavisd-new listens only on 
localhost, dovecot doesn't listen at all...

Shouldn't we have one general rule for all packages? I know that 
postfix, after install, isn't open relay, but wouldn't it be good if it 
would listen only on localhost? And, it seams that some services are 
started after install, and some are not. Shouldn't we have some rules in 
there too?

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